Why work with PETRO Case ?

1. Research in three thrust areas: a) chemistry of fluids and coatings, b) nanocomposite materials, and c) solid-phase thermo-mechanical properties. This translates to R&D in drilling fluids, inhibitors, coatings, proppants, membranes, non-metallics, cements, and other polymer based materials used in the oil-gas industry.

2. Common platform access in Testing Facilities for HTHP conditions, corrosion, scaling, other fouling properties, brine chemistry, rheology, formulation, thermo-mechanical analysis of thermosets, elastomers, and thermoplastics. This is benchmarked with API, ASTM, ISO, NACE, and other industry-accepted standards for performance.

3. Pursuit of extramural grants, joint industry programs (JIP), and sponsored research projects.

4. Networking through conferences, workshops, special symposia on polymers, chemistry, and materials for Oil-gas – and other direct introduction and joint project opportunities.

5. Work with other organizations and institutions in fostering materials research, sustainability and environmental impact of the oil-gas and petrochemical industry ecosystem.

The PETRO Case consortium is directed towards research and training on new and advanced polymers materials and additives for the oil-gas industry. The Macro Department is the premier polymer program in the US dealing with the science and engineering of these materials. The research thrusts will focus on three main areas: 1) surface chemistry of fluids and coatings, 2) nanocomposite materials, and 3) solid phase thermo-mechanical properties, as it applies to the materials and chemical additve needs from upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of the oil-gas industry. Training will involve producing MS/Ph.D. experts that will work with the R&D section in oil companies, oil-field service companies, and refineries including academic research.


Advincula Research Group

Materials Chemistry & Engineering

 Polymers for Energy and Transformative Research in Oil & Gas (PETRO)


Park Instruments

Agilent Technologies

Malvern Instruments

​Thales Nano 


E-mail:  rca41@case.edu [phone: 216-368-4566]

Oilfield Chemicals

Proppants for Hydraulic Fracturing

Chemical Inhibitors: Scaling and Corrosion

Rheological Fluids: Drilling Fluids and Completion Fluids

Non-Metallics and Polymers

Protective Coatings

PVT and HTHP Testing and Standards Testing

Flow Assurance and Well Stimulation


3D Printing